Iran: US Attack in the Middle East is a Strategic Mistake

TEHERAN – The United States (US) has made a big mistake by attacking targets in Iraq and Syria, because doing so will only further inflame tensions in an already volatile region.

Spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) Nasser Kanaani confirmed this in his statement on Saturday (3/2/2024).

Kanaani condemned US airstrikes against militant groups in the two countries.

American officials said the attacks targeted groups linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, an elite covert unit specializing in overseas operations.

According to US officials, the action occurred in response to an earlier attack on a US military post in Jordan that left three military members dead and dozens of personnel injured.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman insisted Washington had violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria.

He called, “This decision is an adventure and strategic mistake by the American government, which will result in nothing but increased tension and instability in the region.”

He also emphasized that by carrying out the attack, the US was helping Israel, which is in conflict with the Palestinian armed group Hamas in Gaza.

The Hamas militant group has close ties to Tehran, and attacked the Zionist state in early October.


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