Did House Speaker Mike Johnson Have Homosexual Relationships In College

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson recently said that he did extensive studies of homosexual relationships in college. His statements immediately created an avalanche of jokes and memes about what he actually did in his “experimental days” in college. He mentioned his studies clearly showing that although homosexual relationships are more satisfying than heterosexual relationships, they are bad. In early November 2023, a meme attributing a statement to the U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson went viral on multiple social media platforms. The alleged quote, which could be read as Johnson had participated in homosexual relationships in college, conveyed that Johnson’s opposition to gay marriage was due to its being such a fun lifestyle. His statements were unearthed by CNN’s KFILE following Johnson’s election to speaker of the House. When he made these statements, Johnson was a lawyer for the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, which fought to block the passage of gay marriage. The actual quote compared homosexuals to pedophiles and other deviant groups. But, that is not what is bothering us the most! LGBTQ+ activists point out clear contradictions. They point out the fact that House Speaker Mike Johnson closely collaborated with a group in the mid-to-late 2000s that promoted conversion therapy. He gave legal advice to an organization called Exodus International and partnered with the group to put on an annual anti-gay event aimed at teens. But in reality believed that homosexual relationships are more satisfying.


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