78 KPK Employees Apologize After Being Involved in Prison Extortion, Here’s Their Statement

A total of 78 KPK employees have undergone sanctions to apologize for their involvement in the case of illegal levies or extortion at the KPK detention center. The apology was delivered in front of the leadership, members of the Dewas, and the Secretary General of the Corruption Eradication Committee.
The implementation of the ethical decision on the apology was carried out at the KPK Juang Building, South Jakarta, Monday (26/2/2024) morning. Corruption Eradication Commission Secretary General Cahya H Harefa directly led the implementation of the ethical decision.

“I hereby apologize to the Corruption Eradication Commission and/or Corruption Eradication Commission personnel for the violations of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct that I have committed, in the form of abusing my position and/or authority,” said one of the investigated employee representatives who was followed by all the examinees.

These 78 KPK employees admitted that they had abused their influence in carrying out their duties for personal gain.

“Including abusing influence as Commission Personnel both in carrying out their duties, as well as personal and/or group interests,” read the statement of apology for KPK employees involved in extortion.

It is known that extortion cases in the KPK detention center are processed using three legal approaches. Ethically, 90 KPK employees have been sanctioned by the KPK Council.

A total of 78 employees were sanctioned with an apology, while 12 other KPK employees were handed over to the KPK Inspectorate to undergo personnel sanctions.

The KPK has also investigated the case criminally. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) raised the case to the investigation stage and more than 10 people have been named as suspects.


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