Tamara Tyasmara was furious and confused when people shouted at Yudha Arfandi’s family’s claims

-Tamara Tyasmara attended the reconstruction of Dante’s alleged murder carried out by Yudha Arfandi . Tamara attended reconstruction at two locations, Polda Metro Jaya and Palem Swimming Pool.
When she arrived at the Palem Swimming Pool, Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta, Tamara Tyasmara was greeted by screams from Yudha Arfandi’s family and friends. They carried a large red banner that said Yudha Arfandi was slandered.

“God will help you Yudha Arfandi. Just let people blaspheme you. You are a good person, you have been slandered. We all pray for you. May you be safe in the afterlife,” wrote the banner unfurled by a group of people on Wednesday (28/2/2024).

The banner was stretched on the rooftop of the swimming pool. A number of people were also standing on the rooftop.

Tamara Tyasmara told detikcom via telephone that she did not expect and was very surprised to be shouted at by people she called Yudha Arfandi’s family and friends.

“Yes, my family was there screaming for me. I was asked to be honest in all kinds of ways. ‘Tamara, be honest!’” said Tamara Tyasmara.

Tamara Tyasmara, who had been holding back her emotions from the start because she saw Yudha Arfandi, felt increasingly angry and confused. He felt that Yudha Arfandi should have shouted like that.

“Well, what do I have to be honest? I’ve been honest, you know. Then they said they were also being slandered, so it was like they were accusing me,” he said.

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“That’s why when I got inside, I went straight to Arfandi. That’s not how they shouted, they didn’t respect those who were doing reconstruction,” said Tamara Tyasmara.

Tamara Tyasmara asked investigators to see the reconstruction of the swimming pool. Tamara herself was not at the location when the alleged murder occurred.

Dante’s mother feels that she never cornered Arfandi. Tamara has been handing everything over to the police.

“I’m a victim here, I feel strange. I’ve been focused on Dante since yesterday. I didn’t corner Arfandi. I already trust the police. I don’t want to take the judge into my own hands,” said Tamara Tyasmara.


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