Police Arrest 5 People Again in Spanish Influencer Rape Case in India

-Indian police have again arrested 5 men in connection with the case of a Spanish tourist who was gang-raped in Jharkhand state. This brings the total number of suspects detained in connection with this case to 8 people.
Reported by AFP, Tuesday (5/3/2024), the Spanish tourist was known to be cycling with her husband in India. They were then staying at a camp in Dumka district in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, when the rape incident occurred.

The Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency broadcast footage of five suspects being handcuffed and tied to each other with ropes in front of sitting police officers.

“The three people arrested earlier gave new statements, in which they mentioned five more names so that, till date, we have arrested a total of eight perpetrators,” said senior local police officer Pitamber Singh Kherwar, according to PTI.

Kherwar said any of them, if found guilty, would face ‘severe punishment’.

“We are forming a strong case against them,” he added.

The woman, who has Spanish and Brazilian nationality, identified herself on social media, posting a statement after the arrest of the other 5 suspects.

“They have arrested all the criminals, and there are eight in total,” he wrote, thanking the police.

“I ask for justice… (for) all the women who are also forced to go through this,” she added.

The rape occurred on Friday (1/3) night in Dumka district, Jharkhand, eastern India . Initially seven men were accused of carrying out the brutal attack, by taking turns raping the victim and repeatedly beating the victim’s husband during the depraved act.

After the trial, the three suspects were returned to custody.


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