Observers say the right to inquiry is said to have two motives, one of which is for political negotiations

Jakarta The discourse of rolling out the right to inquiry to investigate allegations of fraud in the 2024 elections in the DPR continues to be discussed, even though there are pros and cons.

Political observer Arif Nurul Imam suspects that there is another motive besides investigating alleged election fraud, namely, as a political negotiation tool.READ ALSO:

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“I convey that the right to inquiry could have two motives, firstly it aims to investigate potential or suspected election fraud, secondly, we should also suspect that the right to inquiry has the potential to be used for political bargaining for political parties, those in camps 01 and 03,” said Arif as reported by Antara , Wednesday (6/3/2024).

The Executive Director of Indonesian Data Scale said that if those who speak are PDIP, PKB and PKS, there is a strong possibility that this right to inquiry will be cancelled.

“If then this is canceled or there is no right to inquiry, it is very likely that the right to inquiry is only used as a tool for political gain by political elites. “If it’s canceled, it’s just playing politics, political bluffing for political negotiations,” said Arif.

He also suspects that the move to roll out the right to inquiry is limited to influencing public opinion so that people are forced to believe that there is fraud in the 2024 elections . However, if this is canceled it will actually reduce public trust in the political party.

“If it is cancelled, it will certainly reduce voter confidence in the parties that carry the right to inquiry,” he said.

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On the other hand, political observer Ujang Komarudin sees that the proposed right of inquiry by the parties that lost the 2024 presidential election is just part of a political game.

For this reason, this game will be faced by the government, in this case President Joko Widodo alias Jokowi.

According to Ujang, the proposed right of inquiry proposed by PDIP, PKS and PKB will be fully addressed by President Jokowi. In fact, he said, this right to inquiry will wither before it develops because it faces full resistance from the government.

He suggested that parties who feel that the 2024 election results are fraudulent should take a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK) or Baswaslu.

“So the best and most appropriate channel for election issues is Bawaslu, the crime, disputes, process and results are at the Constitutional Court,” suggested Ujang.

NasDem Still Requests Right of Inquiry

General Treasurer (Bendum) of the NasDem Party DPP, Ahmad Sahroni, confirmed that his party would continue the DPR’s inquiry rights, even if other political parties withdrew or canceled their plans.

“NasDem complies with the direction of the general chairman, and yesterday Pak Sugeng said that he would continue the right to inquiry even if PDIP did not participate,” said Sahroni at the Senayan Parliament Complex, Wednesday (6/3/2024).

Sahroni asked political parties supporting candidate pair 02 not to be afraid or opposed to the right to inquiry plan. He said the right to inquiry was to satisfy dynamics in society and not to impeach President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“If there’s nothing wrong, why should you be afraid? Wong who was appointed was related to the election results which were marred by many dynamics occurring in society. “That’s the goal, there’s no goal of running to impeachment,” he said.


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