Congregation of the Naqsabandiyah Order in Padang Holds Tarawih Prayers Tonight

As many as dozens of members of the Naqsabandiyah congregation in Padang City, West Sumatra, held tarawih prayers on Friday (8/3/2024) evening.

This worship marks the entry of 1 Ramadan 1445 H which is set for Saturday 9 March 2024 tomorrow. One of them was seen at the Surau Baru Prayer Room, Pauh District, Padang City.

The determination of Ramadhan 1445 H is carried out through calculating hisab and rukiyat, namely calculations based on the Naqsabandiah calendar which has been trusted for also:

One by one the congregation came to the prayer room to perform Tarawih prayers at the location. They looked solemn in carrying out tarawih prayers in also:

Ustad Naqsabandiah Pauh Zahar said that although it is often different from the government’s determination of Ramadan. However, the implementation remains the same as fasting for 30 days during Ramadan.

Apart from Padang City, the Naqsabandiah Tarekat in West Sumatra is also spread across a number of areas in Pariaman, Solok, Payakumbuh and Batusangkar.


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