Batik Air pilots slept 28 minutes on the Kendari-Soetta flight

The pilot and co-pilot of the Batik Air airline slept together for almost half an hour on a flight from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi to Jakarta. This incident was investigated and reported by the National Transportation Safety Committee ( KNKT ) in its statement.
The Aviation Investigation Report was accessed by detikcom from the official KNKT website, Friday (8/3/2024).

In its preliminary report digital document, KNKT stated that the aircraft in question was Batik Air, type Airbus A320, with registration code PK-LUV.

This incident occurred on January 25 2024. The plane flew from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, to Halu Oleo Airport in Kendari, then returned to Soetta.

“During the flight, the second in command (SIC or copilot) told the pilot in command (PIC or pilot) that he had not had enough rest beforehand,” wrote the KNKT.

When we arrived in Kendari, ATC informed us that the weather was below standard and the airport was not yet open. The plane then remained in the air for 30 minutes. At 07.11 local time, the plane landed in Kendari. The two pilots then ate instant noodles packaged in cups (cups) in the cockpit.

At 00.05 UTC or 08.05 local time, the plane flew again from Kendari to Jakarta, aka the return flight, with flight number BTK6723. However, in this flight, the pilot acted as monitoring pilot (PM) and the copilot who had been sleeping acted as flying pilot (PF).

“The PIC (pilot) asked permission from the SIC (copilot) to rest and permission was granted. A few seconds later, the PIC fell asleep and the SIC then took over the PIC’s duties as PM (monitoring pilot),” wrote KNKT.

The pilot who had been sleeping woke up at 01.22 UTC or 09.22 local time. He suggested the co-pilot might want to sleep too. The co-pilot then replied that he did not want to rest. They talked for about 30 seconds.

“And then the PIC (pilot) continued sleeping,” wrote KNKT.

At 01.43.42 UTC, the co-pilot readback the Jakarta Area Control Center (ACC) instructions. But a few moments later, the copilot fell asleep accidentally.


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